ブルックリンの有名コーヒーショップ DEVOCIÓN CAFÉ

Williamsburg, Brooklyn is known as a destination for quality coffee in a borough full of coffee lovers. So to succeed here you need to make something exceptional, and when you come to visit us at our location on Grand St and Wythe we think you’ll agree that’s precisely what we have done. Built out of a former warehouse, 69 Grand Street is an industrial brick-building dating back to the days when this neighborhood was a working waterfront district. We’ve retained a lot of the building’s history, reclaiming wood and showcasing the bare brick and steel beams of the original structure. But we’ve also made significant changes to give it new life and meaning to the best coffee shop in 21st century Williamsburg.

The centerpiece of the façade is a tall recessed doorway with raw steel and glass doors through which our roasting room can be seen. Guests pass this space as they enter, and as they do they can observe the roaster at work through gallery windows and of course breathe in the aroma of the freshest Colombian coffee, straight from the campo, as it roasts. Immediately behind the roasting room is our laboratory where we test-roast samples, cup and taste them, and create the specific guidelines for the roasts and blends that we’ll execute and package in the main roaster room. After passing this space guest enter the café’s main room, a soaring open-plan day-lit space with a serving counter at one end and a stunning two-story vertical garden on the far wall featuring plants from Colombia of course including our 150 of our native coffee plants. Here guests can sit in traditional sofas and chairs and sip the freshest coffee amidst the sights and sounds of Colombia, and imagine they are guests at a country estancia.

As well as sampling our coffees we also plan to host cultural events in our space, from live music to art installations to… who knows? As with all the best experiences, we plan for the café to evolve and grow as part of this creative and exciting neighborhood. We knew we had to make something truly special to stand out here, so we brought the best our homeland has to offer and served it up as fresh as could be, both in the cup and in the approach. We look forward to welcoming you to Devocíon!

Roastery & Café
69 Grand St. (at Wythe), Brooklyn, NY 11249

T. +1 718 285 6180

Mon–Fri: 7am – 7pm
Sat–Sun: 8am – 7pm

Smells awesome!ブルックリンに住みたいのー


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